We got AtWork and we did it. Together.

Now that the crowdfunding campaign to realize AtWork Addis Ababa is over we wanted to share our gratitude and some thoughts.

It’s been 60 days since the beginning of our crowdfunding campaign.  After six years of activity we thought that it was time to try to engage our larger community and not only those directly involved in the format’s implementation.  AtWork is an initiative built around the idea of sharing, of relationship and the will to contaminate. With this assumption in mind it was only natural for us to extend this “Ideal constitution” beyond our usual perimeters. We wanted to test our roots, our capacity to communicate and to reinvent ourselves.  Even if the success of the campaign was key for us, the equally important thing was to witness the virtuous cycle that the campaign has triggered.  The generosity demonstrated by the artists who have donated their works to the campaign has been quite extraordinary. But your support and commitment have been equally amazing.  The fact that we have reached the goal before the campaign’s end has allowed us to dedicate the last hours before the gong to collect funds to implement AtWork Douala, a potential chapter in Cameroon with our established partner: Doual’Art.

We have chosen to put our stakes on the vision that goes beyond a single project, but that has an ambition of creating a movement. AtWork is an educational format., it’s immaterial and intangible to the spectator.  Those who sustain education do it as an act of faith, a long-term investment in the future. They do not contribute to something immediate, present.  They bet on the future, on “a new generation of thinkers in Africa” hoping that they will also be able to save the dear old Europe.  And we are happy to see that this vision has touched all of you, recharging us with the new energy and enthusiasm.

Your support has made AtWork Addis Ababa possible and we feel that today we have all the elements to bring it to life.  The notebooks have lived quite an adventure in these past 60 days between Africa and Europe. The artworks have travelled from Afropixel#5 festival as part of Dak’Art 2016, passing through Basel for the Art Basel fair, to end up in Lago apartment in the heart of Milan.  These last two months have been a true journey, where we have encountered partners, friends, collaborators, new meeting spaces and new travel companions. At the end of this journey we wanted to say a  sincere thank you to all of you who have contributed to the campaign and in particular to the artists and to those who have sustained us with their presence, their work and their commitment to our mission:


Erminia De Luca
Pélagie Gbaguidi
Aida Muluneh
Maurice Pefura
Giorgio Vigna
Luca Vitone
Enzo Umbaca


Appartamento Lago
Art Basel
Raffaele Bellezza
Lionel Cuni
Fondazione Cariplo
Katrin Peters-Klaphake
Anna Kucma
Indiana Production
Ker Thiossane
Youssef Limoud
Amira Parree
Zosia Swidlicka
Monica Tarabini