In these challenging times, it has become increasingly apparent that creativity is not only a fundamental vehicle for self-expression and empowerment, but also an important tool that helps us all pull through and envision our tomorrows.

Moleskine and the Moleskine Foundation have joined forces to create a long-term program to support creative communities worldwide.

The program is committed to donating every year thousands of creative tools: notebooks, cahiers, volant, and writing instruments to several non-profit organizations across Europe, the US, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa.
This is not only a donation program. It’s a way to build a global community of organizations that share the same vision, amplifying stories, sharing experiences and best practices, building a creative ecosystem, and fostering creativity for social change together.

The goal is to support underserved communities globally by offering tangible instruments in which to pour their reflections and thoughts, their inspired moments, doodles and inspirations, in the firm belief that creativity and imagination are key drivers for producing positive social change.

We target non-profit organizations that use creativity as a tool for social change, aimed at fostering and supporting the development of creative communities around the world.

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The program targets non-profit organizations whose work highlights the link between creativity and social transformation. As such, they not only produce unique and unconventional programs and initiatives but generate and foster social change. Areas of intervention might include education, arts and culture, social justice, minorities inclusion.

The program is open to non-profit organizations from all sectors and civil society at large and supports short- or long-term actions that either/or:

  • Contribute to the sharing and development of knowledge and culture.
  • Support self-expression and creativity.
  • Showcase the role of creativity as a driver for social change.
  • Support the development of creative ecosystems
  • Promote critical thinking, creative doing, lifelong learning and changemaking attitude


We offer Moleskine Notebooks in different sizes and layouts.

All products are new and come from current or past collections that have been developed over the last 5 years. The majority of the products available are coming from our Limited Editions Collection, such as Bob Dylan, Dr. Seuss, Rolling Stones, and many others.
If you’re selected for the Program, we will do our best to accommodate your product preferences.

Participants can apply for three different product amounts: 

» Small: from 250 to 1.000 pcs 

» Medium: from 1.001 to 3.000 pcs 

» Large: from 3.001 to 5.000 pcs 

Please bear in mind that the Program has a limited number of tools to give per submission round and the number of successful applications proportionately decreases the larger the grant size. 


Applications can be submitted from June 15th until July 15th, 2022.

Applications will be selected by Moleskine and Moleskine Foundation teams. Due to the anticipated high volume of applications, we will complete the assessment procedure within 8 weeks from the submission deadline. It is also for this reason that decisions are final and that, unfortunately, we cannot enter into any correspondence regarding unsuccessful applications afterward.

We aim to ship products to selected organizations by October 2022.


  • Carefully read the call.
  • Be creative in your application – feel free to add links to any video or picture to support your cause.
  • Share the call with others and help us grow a global community of likeminded organizations.

1The applying organization
2Your target
3Your program and the impact of your activities
4Requested Moleskine Products
5Additional information
Home Country*


  • Quality: innovativeness, and unconventionality of creative programs, delivered consistently over an extended period
  • Social transformation and ecosystemic impact: capacity to directly or indirectly foster positive systemic change in relevant individuals and society, at multiple levels.
  • Influence and integrity – the ability to drive growth and change perceptions around the “creativity for social change” field and cultural and creative industries.
  • Areas of intervention: Education, arts and culture, social justice, racial equity.

We will take into high consideration applications coming from organizations focused on inclusivity, supporting minority groups and underserved communities.



  • Applications must be submitted in English and must be completed in all parts. 
  • Applicants must be above 18 years old.  
  • The call is open to non-profit organizations officially recognized in the country of operation.
  • The organization’s main target should be young adults (16 – 27 years old)
  • Organizations from Europe, the US, South Africa, Canada, and Mexico can apply.*
  • We do not accept proposals submitted by political parties or religious associations.

*We would like to offer this program worldwide. Unfortunately, there are some areas that we are not able to reach for now. We hope to extend this opportunity soon to Organizations from all geographies.