What is ASHOKA?

ASHOKA is the international association of social innovators, men and women who develop projects that can change the world by finding solutions to the most urgent social problems. Since 1981, nearly 3,000 social entrepreneurs from over 70 countries were selected, with the aim of contributing to a systemic societal change in each area of need.

ASHOKA envisions an Everyone A Changemaker™ world; one that responds quickly and effectively to social challenges and where all individuals have the freedom, confidence and social support to address any issues and drive change.

The first step in achieving this objective is to contribute to the development of a new educational system that teaches the younger generation not only basic but also social skills that they will need to fulfill their potential and play a role in building a better world. From this vision comes the Changemaker Schools program, launched in 2014-2015, of which lettera27 has been a partner since inception.

What have we accomplished together?

lettera 27 was the first international partner of Changemaker Schools Africa. This collaboration allowed for the individualization and selection of the first 60 Changemaker Schools in seven African countries, contributing to launching the Storytelling Workshop, an educational format replicated by Ashoka worldwide, along with the WikiAfrica Workshop devised by lettera27. Additionally, we contributed to and participated in the first symposium of the Changemaker Schools in South Africa held in Cape Town, from which a series of initiatives arose for changes in the country’s education system.

Ashoka Storytelling Workshop at ASE. Photo by Siphosihle Mkhwanazi
Ashoka Storytelling Workshop at ASE. Photo by Siphosihle Mkhwanazi

“The big vision: each school will be its own ‘storytelling hub’, illustrating and promoting the power of youth-led social innovation within the school, community, country and beyond.”

Ashoka Africa

Storytelling Workshop at the African School for Excellence

Storytelling is a fundamental practice of the present world. It provides ideas and suggests solutions to long-standing issues; it allows you to identify with others, to put yourself in their shoes, to relive their experiences. Being able to tell the story of someone else is a key skill for a “change maker” — the one who triggers social change. That’s why both lettera27 and Ashoka identify storytelling as a key element to be developed for the Changemaker Schools in Africa.

Ashoka Storytelling Week at ASE, WikiAfrica workshop. Photo by Siphosihle Mkhwanazi

A five-day storytelling workshop took place on 19-23 October at the African School of Excellence (ASE) in Johannesburg, where some 30 students learnt the basic techniques of script writing, storyboarding, video making, vlogging, and video interviewing in order to be able to tell the changemaker stories of their school and community. The workshop represented a pilot experiment to be later replicated in other schools in Africa, creating new “storytelling hubs.” In addition to the workshop, lettera27 conducted a two-day learning project dedicated to WikiAfrica, with the aim of introducing students and teachers to the most widely-used online encyclopedia in the world, and encouraging students to share stories related to their local communities and cultural heritage. During the workshop, the students jointly created the entries in Wikipedia for their county, Tsakane.


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