Creativity in Conversation: Moleskine Foundation at Milano Digital Week

Can creativity change the way we perceive limits?

We’re happy to bring Creativity for Social Change at Milano Digital Week. This year the event’s theme is “Lo Sviluppo Dei Limiti”; the discussions will revolve around the idea of limits and, therefore, overcoming them. We’ll join the festival with three “Creativity in Conversation” talks to discuss creativity’s critical role in pushing the boundaries and shaping our collective future.

November 11 h. 18:00-19:00 at Cariplo Factory – Base Milano

Maria Sebregondi, co-founder of Moleskine and president of Moleskine Foundation, and Marina Mussapi, our Strategy Implementation Manager, will discuss how creativity can drive social change and shape our tomorrow.

November 12 h. 16:00-17:00 at Cariplo Factory – Base Milano

Federica Fragapane, information designer, and Daniele Carlini, head of Marketing and Communication at Moleskine Foundation, will explore the universe of data visualization, a new visual language to tell impact stories.

November 13 h. 16:00-17:00 at ISPI – Palazzo Clerici

Marta Foresti, Founder of LAGO Ltd., and Adama Sanneh, CEO of Moleskine Foundation, will reflect upon the impact of a creative mindset in finding the best policies to fight poverty and stop conflicts.