AtWork notebooks at the new Moleskine Café in Milan

As the summer progresses the adventures of AtWork notebooks continue: the new Moleskine Café in Milano in Corso Garibaldi 65, is exhibiting the works of ten young creative talents coming from all over the world.

It will be the first of the series of shows at the café that wants to become the hub of creativity, while mixing the elements of art gallery, store and library with a place for encounters and conversations.
It will be a new important step of the journey: the Moleskine Café will become a heterochronic space, where the notebooks will offer the fragments of different geographies with no need to travel. The dimension of the international café littéraire in the heart of Milan will allow to showcase the multicultural richness of AtWork, while giving it the necessary time and breathing space to express itself fully, away from the hectic rhythms of our everyday lives.
We thought that such a particular context was a perfect space to give visibility to the works of young creative talents that we have encountered during various AtWork workshops implemented during the last years.
Each notebook will reveal a personal story that was born during the interactions with the other students at the workshops.
We will be able to follow the AtWork Lab Florence with the works of Leon Chong and Sofia Castaneda, which are respectively dedicated to a graphic and visual reflection on time and infinity of space and a practical attempt to return to the organic existence.
Alongside, there will be two notebooks from the pilot chapter of AtWork in Dakar: the one by Jean Kalaye Loua, dedicated to a visual description of the forms of freedom and equality, and the one by Ibrahima Ba that poses very topical questions: what constitutes a country’s identity? What is the role of frontiers today?
Next to them there will be the pages by Miriam Namutebi, AtWorker from Kampala, that with her piece “Self-reflection (my life)” has transformed her notebook into an introspective mirror composed of black and white images, telling us how AtWork workshop has changed her perception of herself; the one by Serge Nemlin from AtWork Abidjan that with his pencil and colors has interpreted a vision of the world through his existence and his passions.
And then there is a notebook of a young Samar Aleskafi, inspired by a reflection on the gathering point as the key to understand reality and the one by Tamadher Ali Alfahal that has gathered the words and faces of people met in ten years. Both notebooks come from the AtWork Lab Manama in Bahrain.
To complete the group there will be two young Italian artists that participated in Venice and Modena workshops: Melania Fusco with the piece called “Non so se te lo voglio dire” and Sara Vighi with “Una giornata particolare“.

The exhibition of these 10 selected notebooks is just the first one of many to come at the Moleskine Café in the future. A physical space where the digital and the analogical meet, a home that will continuously welcome our nomad notebooks from all over the world, allowing you to see them live and become part of the AtWork journey.
See you at the Moleskine Café!