AtWork N’Djamena: a dream come true

AtWork N'Djamena "I had a dream" workshop, notebook created by Natoi-allah Djimasra

AtWork N’Djamena “I had a dream” experience in Chad is over, it was the second leg of AtWork “I had a dream” 2018 Tour. The 5 days of the workshop and the exhibition at the National Museum of Chad of the created notebooks have concluded, but the process ignited in the young minds of the participants is just starting.

It was December 2017 and we were in the middle of AtWork workshop in Douala when we were approached by Oumaté Abdoulaye Abdul, a cultural manager from N’Djamena, who came all the way from Chad to see what AtWork was all about. He came to us during the break and urged us to bring AtWork to Chad, which he described as culturally hungry and deficient, regardless of numerous young people eager to express themselves creatively. “Stimulating critical thinking in N’Djamena is crucial, we have very little happening here from the cultural point of view, but there is a will and desire to change this”.

AtWork N'Djamena participants at the National Museum of Chad

It was Oumaté’s personal drive to make a change that allowed AtWork N’Djamena to happen 7 months later. We have got in touch with his cultural organization Djamah Afrik and worked together to bring AtWork to this complex context. 27 young creative talents from different backgrounds, including aspiring film makers, producers, actors, stylists, entrepreneurs, writers, got together under the guidance of Simon Njami to debate, critique and exchange about their dreams. The creative outcome of these reflections was spilled out on a notebook by each participant, producing 27 dream projects, which will be exhibited as part of the final international exhibition of “I had a dream” Tour in 2019. Now it’s up to these young minds to realise their dreams, using the critical thinking tools that AtWork provided them with. As AtWork Rome participant said “Change starts with yourself”.

We are looking forward to seeing the planted seeds grow in Chad. In the meantime AtWork Tour is proceeding to Kampala at the end of August. We keep dreaming and promoting creativity for social change. Stay tuned for our updates!