AtWork Chapter 05: the notebooks exhibition at Fondazione Fotografia Modena

notebooks produced by AtWork Modena participants

From April 14th to 19th Fondazione Fotografia Modena will host an inspiring exhibition of the notebooks created during AtWork Modena Chapter 05, titled “24 Hours”.
The workshop that was held in March at Fondazione Fotografia Modena and conducted by Simon Njami, our precious partner and advisor, dealt with the function of heterochrony in the image construction.

In order to learn how to be oriented in time and space one has to start by accepting the fragmented state of things. If we abandon the homogenous vision of reality, which forces the differences, the synchronicities, the diachronicities into an unnatural unity, it will be possible to discover the creative value intrinsic to the breaking the time and space continuum, which can be expressed through art.
Starting from this initial reflection, the 3-day workshop was organized in March in partnership with Fondazione Fotografia Modena, conducted by Simon Njami, which dealt with the function of heterochrony in the images production. The workshop involved the students from the Master in Advanced Training in Contemporary Imagery and the Curating Course. Breaking the time and space continuum has liberated the creativity of the workshop participants, transforming their point of view and consequently the reality represented.
Simon Njami was in Modena also to curate “A Silent Solitude”, a solo exhibition by Santu Mofokeng, the winner of the 2016 International Photography prize, inaugurated at Foro Boario on March 6th. On the last day of the workshop he accompanied the students on a journey to discover heterochrony in the images of the South African maestro.  “A reality perception deconstruction” path has allowed the participants to share a visual and emotional space never experienced before.
The Moleskine notebooks became the time canvases where the experience of “A particular day” of each participant has been deposited, generating 19 unique works of art that the students produced in the weeks following the workshop.

The notebooks created by Giulia Di Michele, Silvia Gelli, Cristina Prisca Magnani, Alice Mazzarella, Zoe Paterniani, Federika Ponnetti, Clelia Rainone, Michela Ronco, Yulia Tikhomirova, Sara Vighi, Viviana Vitale (students of the 2015/17 Master’s); Elena Canevazzi, Francesca Ferrari, Alessio Gianardi, Andrea Luporini, Orlando Myxx, Sara Savorelli, Livia Sperandio (Master’s 2014/16), and by Mohamed Keita, aspiring photographer from Ivory Coast that was invited to participate to the workshop, will be exhibited at the educational department of Fondazione Fotografia Modena in via Giardini 160 from April 14th-19th.

The exhibition titled “24 Hours” curated by Erika Molta and Silvia Vercelli, the students of the Curating Course 2016 of Fondazione Fotografia Modena, will be inaugurated on Thursday, April 14th at 18:30 and will stay open until April 19th from 10 to 13 and from 14 to 17.  Free entrance.