Announcing the 2022 Creativity Pioneers

We are excited to finally introduce the new recipients of the 2022 Creativity Pioneers Fund!

27 cultural and creative organizations spanning 18 countries and 4 continents have been selected among more than 800 applications. This year’s cohort represents a wide range of experiences and perspectives and the many forms creativity can come in. 

The 5,000 € grant aims to support these organizations’ efforts to catalyze positive social change in their communities and inspire a new generation of creative thinkers. Starting from the assumption that, in order to shape our future, we need to understand the present-day world better and that this contemporaneity can’t be read according to old paradigms, we support those spaces where youth’s creativity can thrive and lead to new ideas and ultimately, a social transformation.

Special thanks go to our partners, without whom this edition of the Creativity Pioneers Fund wouldn’t have been possible, and to anyone who helped to spread the call.


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