The beginning of “Who’s the stranger in me?” tour

AtWork tour “Who’s the stranger in me?” kicks off in Cali, Colombia on March 6th.

A joint effort between Moleskine Foundation and Kitambo, with Institut Français and French Embassy in Colombia, brings the 23rd chapter of our educational initiative to Cali’s creative community. In addition to AtWork’s comeback in the South American continent, nine years after AtWork Lab Cochabamba in Bolivia, this chapter marks the beginning of a new theme: “Who’s the stranger in me?”.

Under the guidance of Simon Njami, the young creatives will spend five days debating and trying to find an answer to this problematic question that inevitably crosses everyone’s journey of self-knowledge and growth. The solution they will come up with will materialize in the form of a notebook that will enter our Collection, before leaving the word to the African and European peers who will confront the subject next.