Moleskine Foundation Collection finds home at NIROX

Credits: Giulia Ficarazzo

We’re happy to announce that NIROX will be the first international Hub to host a part of the Moleskine Foundation Collection.
The internationally renowned artists’ residency and sculpture park, located in the UNESCO Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, will be home to some of the Notebooks from our Collection, including all 37 notebooks created last year during the Joburg chapter of the AtWork “What comes first?” tour and AtWork Lab Soweto.
This partnership will enhance the synergetic nature of the Collection, designed to be a creative relay among internationally known artists and young emerging talents and an itinerant source of inspiration for creative change-makers from any age and background. NIROX will push forward this mission by making the notebooks available to the Joburg community through periodical curated exhibitions and inviting resident artists to contribute to the Collection as part of their residency.
The first exhibition of the Collection at NIROX will open on 28 May 2023, during NIROX’s WORDS Festival.