Make a dream come true: bring AtWork to Gabon!

Claude-Massassa Bunny during AtWork Kampala "I had a dream" workshop in August 2018

Now that our AtWork Tour 2018 “I had a dream” is over and we have seen the transformational effect of the workshop on 100 young creative talents that have participated in the Tour,
we have launched a fundraising campaign on Facebook to bring our workshop to Gabon in 2019.

It’s a dream of one of our AtWork participants, Claude Massassa-Bunny who attended the “I had a dream” workshop in Kampala in August and the impact of AtWork experience on her was so profound that she decided she had to bring this opportunity to the young creative talents in her native Gabon.

Bunny is a young cultural entrepreneur who is fighting everyday against the taboos of her society to foster critical thinking and educate through creativity. She believes that bringing AtWork format to Gabon could be a turning point for many young people in her home country and would empower them to make a change on personal and social level. Bunny comments:

“In Gabon education and reflection using creativity is a rarity, it is practically unheard of in our community as a vector for education and development. The community has lost all forms of creative thinking. The need in Gabon for education with an element of critical thinking and creativity is enormous and the AtWork educational format would be a definite boost for the development of and the return of creativity. The question we ask ourselves today is: what will we leave to the future generations? The problematic related to transmitting knowledge and awareness is a key subject of our reflection.”

Let’s help Bunny realise her vision. You can donate now on our Facebook Fundraising page to help bring AtWork to Gabon.

We are €10.000 away to make Bunny’s dream a reality. Moleskine Foundation is committed to match the funds raised from this campaign to arrive to the amount needed. 100% of the received donations will go directly to finance AtWork in Gabon. The campaign is active until January 10th, 2019.

Let’s inspire a new generation of thinkers together!