Lago meets Addis AtWork

Tuesday and Wednesday 21-22 June, Lago and Foundation lettera27 will host two inspiring appointments at via Brera 30 to mark the end of our (Art)AtWork crowdfunding campaign for AtWork Addis Ababa.

Two days dedicated to art, education ad creativity will be organised by lettera27 on the occasion of the closure of the crowdfunding campaign aimed to fund the next chapter of  AtWork Addis Ababa. On 21 June at 18:00 (by invitation only), a conversation between Maria Sebregondi and Daniele Lago “Never stop learning” will take place.

The letters of the alphabet, like atoms or bits, like molecules o memes  – bricks of the Babel tower where languages meet and come together in search for the twenty seventh letter, the one not yet written, the empty space, the window to the future. On its windowsill an open notebook: its blank pages to be covered with experiences of AtWork protagonists…

An incipit by Maria Sebregondi. The conversation will be focused on sharing and analysing experiences which are dedicated to the creativity of the young artists, with AtWork being the main example. We live in a world in which fragmentation of competences and relations is also causing fragmentation of the outlook. That’s where the role of the artist might once again become key. Therefore, nourishing creativity, stimulating it, providing it with space for growth, constitutes a necessary act in preparation for this change.

On 22 June, selected artists’ notebooks created during the AtWork workshops will be exhibited and displayed for public. The works created by artists and young creatives coming from Dakar, Cairo, Modena, Abidjan and Kampala will be presented to friends and public, providing them with an opportunity to see and touch the fruits of the four-year work. In addition, art pieces generously donated by artist friends (among others: Erminia De Luca, Maurice Pefura, Enzo Umbaca, Luca Vitone, Giorgio Vigna) in support to the crowdfunding campaign will be on display.