What is Why Africa?

Launched in October 2014, Why Africa? is an editorial column curated by the Moleskine Foundation and hosted by our media partner doppiozero.com. For many years lettera27 has been dedicated to exploring various issues and debates around the African continent and with this editorial column we would like to open a dialogue with cultural protagonists who deal with Africa. This will be the place to express opinions, tell their stories, stimulate critical debate and suggest ideas to subvert multiple stereotypes surrounding this immense continent.

With Why Africa? we would like to open new perspectives: geographical, cultural and sociological. We would like the column to be a stimulus to learn, re-think, be inspired and share knowledge.

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What we have done

The column has been coming out regularly twice a month since its launch in two languages: Italian and English. The range of authors who have contributed so far is truly wide, including such prominent names as Wole Soyinka, Achille Mbembe, Roberto Saviano, Simon Njami, Aida Muluneh and others alongside with our AtWork initiatives participants Gloria Kiconco (Kampala), Melania Fusco (Venice), Hanna Minyae (Addis Ababa), Tichakunda Mafundikwa (Harare) and many others. This horizontal approach to the editorial line reflects our philosophy of open culture and open knowledge circulation.

When suitable, we like to accompany the articles with images of contemporary African artists and the diaspora, in order to continue to showcase the vibrant creative talents on our platform. So far we have received generous permissions to publish the works of Sammy Baloji, Kudzanai Chiurai, Aida Muluneh, Wangechi Mutu, Ayana V. Jackson, Boriz Nzebo, Mwangi Hutter and many others.

Aida Muluneh, The 99 Series Part One, 2014. Per gentile concessione dell’artista

“All claims that Africa has been explored are as premature as news of her imminent demise.”

Wole Soyinka — Of Africa


In 2015 we started an editorial partnership with the platform Another Africa founded by Missla Liebsikal. We have re-published their series “Tracing Emerging Contemporary Art Practices” and “In/Visible Voices of Women”.

We have also established a media partnership with Art Africa, republishing and translating their selected pieces in Italian.

Areas of Intervention
Art and culture for social transformation

Aida Muluneh, The 99 Series Part One, 2014. Per gentile concessione dell'artista



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