What are Detour and myDetour?

Detour is a special project from Moleskine created in 2006 and dedicated to culture and shared creativity. It is a mobile exhibition of author notebooks, created by artists, writers, architects, designers, musicians, and filmmakers from around the world.

Thus far, the exhibition has toured to London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Tokyo, Venice, Shanghai, and Milan.

myDetour is a mobile exhibition of Moleskine notebooks dedicated to all moleskiners – to all who want to exhibit their own creative talent, both online and offline, in illustrative, written, drawn, or otherwise freely-interpreted notebooks.

“We asked people who have a ‘different schooling’ in various territories of consciousness, to describe and narrate and recount one of these maps on the blank pages of a notebook. ”

Maria Sebregondi — From Detour, or Maps for Getting Lost

An archive of all Detour and myDetour notebooks, donated to the Foundation by the authors, is always visible online, and represents an ever-growing wealth of beauty, culture, intelligence, and creative relationships.

Traveling throughout the world in the exhibitions organized by Moleskine, these notebooks are a continual flow of resources for the Foundation.

Participation in Detour and myDetour is an opportunity to showcase and bring to light your imagination, to share artistic experience, and contribute to sustaining lettera27 by donating your notebook.

DeTour Paris, Centre Pompidou, 2008
Ou-Ning, Detour, Bishan Commune, 2010
Detour Shanghai, 2010