A CREATIVITY REVIVAL. On consciuosness, communion and joy
Volume n.5

This edition of Folios will explore how Creativity Pioneers from embattled nations such as the Ukraine, Somalia, South Africa, the United States of America, Cameroon, Italy, Palestine, and Ghana have raised our consciousness, cultivated community, and simply brought us joy in struggle.
We hope weary souls find revival within these pages.

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  • Dr. Elizabeth Alexander
  • Amatea Youth Drama Theatre
  • Alessia Glaviano
  • Ngaire Blankenberg
  • Moongirls
  • Jail Time Records
  • Dr Sebabatso Manoeli-Lesame
  • Wonder Cabinet
  • Chris Glass
  • Maryana Iskander
  • Barbara Masekela
  • Msaki
  • Sunshine Cinema
  • La Guarimba Film Festival
  • Malike Sidibe
  • Somali Arts Foundation
Illustration: Masha Foya


Edited by
Lwando Xaso 

Moleskine Foundation editorial team
Daniele Carlini
Camilla Colicchio

Art direction & design
Luca Bogoni 

Illustrations by
Masha Foya
Maty Biayenda

Cover image
Airborn II, 2023
© Prince Gyasi

Printed at
Arti Grafiche Larovere Srl, Milan 

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Published by
Moleskine Foundation ETS
Milan, Italy, May 2023
ISBN 978-88-944501-4-9
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