Our podcast, “Creativity Pioneers”, welcome its first speaker, Moky Makura

For a new African Narrative

In discussion with Moleskine Foundation CEO Adama Sanneh, Moky Makura is the first guest speaker on our creativity for social change podcast: Creativity Pioneers.

Moky Makura is the executive director of Africa No Filter, a donor collaborative effort that aims to transform contemporary narratives in Africa through research, grants and advocacy.

On this episode, “For a new African narrative” she explains how it is essential for African people, especially the younger generations, to take back control of their history. By giving them agency and redefining their African identity outside of the colonial lens, they are able to innovate and create a future that is catered to them.

Her philosophy connects with the Moleskine Foundation’s idea of creativity for social change, in the sense that without proper agency, there is no possibility for innovation that fits one’s own narrative. And without that innovation, creativity cannot be developed to serve a purpose.

And I often find that when people look at creativity on the continent, it’s always about solving problems. You look at some of the biggest innovations we had, it didn’t necessarily solve the problem […] And out of that came solutions that the challenge with Africa is that we come in with this problem mindset. We come in with something that’s broken that needs to be fixed. And we immediately sort of put a timeframe around creativity.

Listen to the full Creativity Pioneers podcast here, to equip all of us with new perspectives and unconventional ideas to amplify our creativity, critical gaze and imagination