Creativity in Conversation: Moleskine Foundation at Milano Design Week

Creative cities, inclusive cities

April 19th at 5 pm, in the middle of Milan Design Week 2023, we invite you to BASE Ground Hall, and a panel discussing how creative minds and talents contribute to social and economic changes in global cities. The talk is a part of the public program We Will Design: We Have an I.D.E.A. at BASE which focuses on inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

Creatives thrive in cities, and cities move, change, and grow with the creative minds they host. Urban landscapes are shaped by creative practices rooted in local communities, which can lead to transformative urban agendas with increasing attention to sustainability and inclusion. This happens because of people, collaboration, and experimentation, at the individual and institutional levels, often across borders.

We curate this panel in collaboration with ODI, LAGO, and BASE. Speakers for the panel will be Gabriella Gómez-Mont, Founder and Principal at Experimentalista, Linda Di Pietro, Artistic Director of BASE, Marcus Desando, Director of the Prince Claus Fund, and Marta Foresti, Founder and CEO of LAGO and Visiting Senior Fellow ODI. The moderator for the panel will be Adama Sanneh, Co-founder and CEO of the Moleskine Foundation, and the concluding remarks will be done by Emilia Terragni, Associate Publisher at Phaidon Press.

The talk will be held in English, and a BSL interpreter will be present. The talk is open to everyone, free of charge.