AtWork “What Comes First?” starts in Milan

The new AtWork Tour starts this January, in collaboration with BASE Milano.

After two years of forced hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The 2022 AtWork Tour “What Comes First” is back on the road. First stop: Milan. 

The intensive 5-day workshop will be conducted by Simon Njami and in collaboration with BASE. From the 24th to the 28th, 22 young creative thinkers from diverse backgrounds – from artists, librarians and designers to students – will meet at BASE to discuss around the question “What Comes First?” and debate around meanings and answers. 

The Tour will continue with a new chapter in Paris, at Palais de Tokyo, on February 9th. 

AtWork is an itinerant educational format, conceived by Moleskine Foundation and Simon Njami, that unlocks the creative potential of young people through critical thinking, growing their sense of self-awareness and self-confidence, and stimulating their changemaking attitude. This format contributes to building a new generation of creative thinkers and doers. 

The creative results of the workshop will be exhibited at BASE from January 31st to February 18th. 

In addition to the workshop and to continue the conversation around the theme of the 2022 Tour and to involve the local community in the debate, we will host a public talk between Simon Njami and Adama Sanneh, CEO of the Moleskine Foundation, January 27th at 19:00, at BASE. To book your seat and for more information, visit the event page here 

AtWork Milan is only the first step for our collaboration with BASE – follow us to discover more from our partnership.