AtWork Tour “I had a dream” is arriving to Chad

Maria Giovanna Sodero, AtWork Roma "I had a dream", Moleskine Foundation Collection

Our itinerant educational format AtWork continues its journey. We are happy to announce the second leg of our AtWork Tour 2018 “I had a dream”. The 5-day intensive workshop conducted by our advisor Simon Njami will take place in Ndjamena, Chad, on July 2-6th and will be implemented in partnership with the National Museum of Chad and the local cultural organization Djamah Afrik.

Through an open call selection, the 25 local young creative talents were awarded Moleskine Foundation scholarships that will cover their workshop participation fees. The selected students of cinema, audio and visual production and aspiring artists will participate in the workshop hosted by the National Museum of Chad. In a context where the cultural initiatives are underfunded and almost non-existent, we are happy to provide these young minds with an unconventional educational platform, where they can meet, exchange and become part of the AtWork international creative network. Together with our local partners, we are working on making this format replicable and sustainable.

AtWork Rome "I had a dream" workshop conducted by Simon Njami

Following the footsteps of the first leg of the Tour that took place in Rome, the participants will exercise their critical thinking skills while discussing their “useful” dreams and then will creatively interpret them on the pages of a notebook.
The created artworks will be exhibited at the National Museum of Chad on July 8th-21st in a show co-curated by the participants.

Simon Njami comments on the topic: “It is a school of freedom and social engagement, for, no changes can be achieved by one person alone. If Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi or Martin Luther King, to name a few dreamers, succeeded in their endeavours, it was mainly because they were able to convince outside of their ego. It is time to tell those kids who represent our future that there is no such a thing as fatalism. We were born what we were born, but we always become what we did. In few words, ‘I Had a Dream” is a call for action, here and now.”

The final international exhibition in 2019 will feature 100 participants, 100 dreams, 100 projects. In the meantime follow us on social media and spread the word. Let’s inspire a new generation of creative thinkers together!