AtWork “Where is South?” Tour culminates in London at Tate Modern.

Image: AtWork Venice "Where is South?" 2019 - by Irene Fanizza @post.past

This final London workshop is in collaboration with the Young People’s Programmes at the Tate Modern. The workshop will be held from November 25th to 29th, conducted by the renowned writer and curator Simon Njami.

The participants come from various communities, aged 18 – 27 years, from all backgrounds to engage with art in the Tate Collection, displays and exhibitions.
The debate around the concept of “South” is an entry point to in-depth discussions about identity, culture and the political and ideological pre-conceptions this term is loaded with. To know where South is, all of the participants will have to first know where they are. The journey of self-exploration that will begin with the workshop and hopefully become a life-long quest.

The works created by the young workshop participants on a notebook, expressing their personal concepts of “South”, will be opened to the public on November 30th from 3:00 pm at the Tate Modern’s Tank Studios, until December 1st.

The workshop is enriched by the collaborations of various professionals, among which Adepero Oduye, Nigerian born and NY based actress, director and writer that will assist Simon Njami in conducting the workshop. Artist Leo Asemota will present his methods of work and development of ideas to the participants in an inspirational moment during the workshop. Anna Mainenti, the photographer with her project Made-Hand who will document the workshop and Teresa Soldini, phycologist and AtWork Venice participant, who will act as the workshop observer.

Concurrently to workshop, Moleskine Foundation will be a part of Glug’s November “Creativity can save the world”, an event held for over 550 creative workers on November 28th in Shoreditch.
Attendees will also be invited to take part in a creativity challenge, an extension of the London AtWork workshop. Two works from the winners of the challenge will be selected to be included in the “Where is South?” final international exhibition, which will be a culmination of the international AtWork journey bringing all the creative outputs of all the workshops together in one final showcase to be held in 2020.

Can Creativity change the world? Our answer is yes, and we hope you share our credo.

See you in London.