AtWork Lab titled “Heatwave” arrives to Athens

From October 31st to November 5th, OpenGround project will take place in Athens. The project is born out of collaboration between lettera27 and State of Concept.

OpenGround is a workshop for young artists and curators realized as part of Tandem Europe 2014-17 program, is born out of the idea to create a replicable educational model for the professional development of artists and curators. For 5 days, a team of professionals will guide 21 participants from Cirpo, Greece, Italy, Swizerland, England and Netherlands through a creative and innovative process made up of various appointments.  Among these, two full days will be dedicated to AtWork Lab. Today we talk a lot about art and creativity, often dismissing the existence of the productive circuit
which the artists have to face. While the creative process is where the work of art is being conceived, the processes of production and distribution are indispensable in order to give it value and visibility. OpenGround therefore is committed to analyse, together with its participants, all the practices and competences required to autonomously and efficiently realize a work of art and promote it. It aims to provide a toolbox that is necessary in order for the creativity to live and thrive and for the artist to be independent and not be closed in a solitary form of expression that often risks to become counterproductive.

AtWork Lab is in fact key in this space as it uses the creative process to trigger individual reflection, which produces multiple meanings through a collective experience.
Thanks to its versatility and flexibility and the ability to adapt to various contents and contexts, AtWork will provide an empirical moment, where the participants will interact with each other through the creative process. Led by an artistic collective from Athens 3 137, AtWork Lab Athens will tackle the theme of “Heatwave” as both concrete and metaphysical experience. Greece is a country known for its extremely high temperatures and scorching summers. But what happens when the heatwave is present? Is heatwave a worldwide situation? What are the consequences of the heat that is out of control? The heat in a city like Athens, becomes therefore a metaphor through which to explore Greece in many different ways. The workshop will focus on discussing, sharing and further elaborating our individual and common ideas while using the material boundaries of the notebook as an everyday instrument of keeping thoughts and ideas. Heatwave will be discussed not only as threat or dystopia, but also as a passing moment, a coming breeze, a statement of an obligatory pause, a blurred situation for searching the next step. The participants will share their thoughts about our time and create a dialogue about the systems that we live in and the terms of categorization and classification in order to rethink our future, while also reacting to our present.

The notebooks produced during the workshop will be exhibited on the 5th of November at the Pantheon building in Athens.