AfroCuration keeps creating knowledge in Johannesburg

Photo credits: Gabriel Masenya

Between March 22nd and 23rd, our latest AfroCuration event took place in Johannesburg, South Africa. 60 students created Wikipedia articles in four South African languages, IsiZulu, Sesotho, Tshivenda, and Afrikaans. The event had as main theme “Who We Are” and aimed at encouraging the students to become knowledge producers and take ownership of the digital narrative of their communities. The students described the workshop as educational, inspirational, and fun, especially because they had the chance to meet new people from other schools. They learned about recognizing criticisms and the power and responsibility of adding new information on Wikipedia platforms. Together they created 37 articles and edited 38 articles.

The workshop was organized together with Constitution Hill Trust and with the support of Wikimedia South Africa, which are reoccurring partners in the programs. Mbali Njomane, entrepreneur and the author of Prejudic-tionary was the motivational speaker of the event and let the students develop knowledge regarding Stereotypes. The Prejudic-tionary was used as a tool to unpack stereotypes by developing an understanding of what prejudices can look like and how they are problematic.

Next AfroCuration will take place in Ghana in May. Would you like to join and take ownership of the digital narrative? Sign up here.