What is The Director’s Eye?

The Director’s Eye was created to support the authors and producers of African cinema throughout the phases of film development and production.

The project debuted in 2012, with the collaboration of the African Film Festival of Cordoba and the co-production forum Africa Produce.

Through the institution of a 25,000 Euro fund dedicated to some of the best screenplays (presented in a competition during the five-day Africa Produce 2012 Forum), The Director’s Eye supports emerging talents in their processes of creating and developing original stories to bring to the screen.

“Djin is the name of a spirit that’s in a wind that is totally made up. It blows every 30 years and it selects people, nobody knows why or who, and it blows out whatever uncertainty that person has about whatever it is they consciously or subconsciously care about the most, leaving them compelled to take action.”

Hawa Essuman, on her film Djin.

On 19 October, 2012, the competition jury of Nigerian director Newton I. Aduaka and Southafrican producer Steven Markovitz selected Djin by Hawa Essuman as the winner of a fund provided by lettera27.

The Director’s Eye has the additional objective to undertake alternative funding strategies for film production, modeled on established international festivals, and to implement new tools such as crowdfunding campaigns activated and promoted on social media.

In fact, in recent years, many film projects – in some cases low budget – were made possible thanks to the participation and support of thousands of people who, with their direct contribution, have become part of a co-production community.

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