AtWork Douala Chapter 09 is on its way to Cameroon

Dans Ce.. 2016, tirage numérique sur diasec. © Siaka Soppo Traoré. Courtesy Galerie MAM

AtWork Douala conducted by Simon Njami is coming to Cameroon on December 5-10th

“Who are my people?” That will be the question that our advisor and internationally renowned art curator Simon Njami will pose to 20 young creative talents from Cameroon who will participate in the upcoming AtWork Douala workshop.

The workshop, organised in partnership with Galerie MAM and its founder Maréme Malong, and doual’art, is the 9th chapter of our itinerary educational format AtWork, which uses the creative process to stimulate critical thinking among youth. It will take place on December 5-10th 2017 at Galerie MAM in Douala.

“Who are my people? Family? Village? Country? Or the world?” This seemingly simple question will be the starting point for an intense collective discussion and a deep individual self-reflection, it will push each participant to dig deeper and will provide them with the tools to be more aware about who they are, what they do and what positive change they might produce in the society around them. At the end of the workshop each participant will give their creative artistic answer to the question posed by personalizing a notebook.

AtWork workshop always tries to integrate into the artistic and creative texture of the country. This time it is part of the Off Program of SUD-Salon Urbaine de Douala, a triennial event that brings together the artists, thinkers, philosophers, educators from the African continent and beyond. The 2017 edition, curated by Cécile Bourne Farrell, is titled “The human dimension” and its particular focus is on young generations.

As a Foundation we have already collaborated with SUD and doual’art in 2010, while exploring the connection between public art and safety through the MobileA2K initiative. It’s beautiful to see that the triennial continues to grow, becoming more and more international thus providing a larger platform for young creative talents.

Gallery MAM, Douala, Cameroon

That is exactly the vision that we share with our partners through our AtWork format: inspire a new generation of creative thinkers. If you want to discover their stories, come to Galerie MAM on December 12th for the opening of the exhibition of the AtWork Douala notebooks created during the workshop or follow us on Facebook from wherever you are.

Time to get at work. Stay tuned!